Packr, the ultimate travel packing list

Never forget to pack any item, ever again...

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Packing list

Tailor-made packing list for each trip.

Weather forecast

8-day weather forecast. The packing list automatically updates depending on weather and temperature.

Family mode

Pack for several travelers, making parents' life so much easier.

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Multi-destination trips

Plan your trip and packing list for multiple destinations. Each destination's weather will be used to make sure you never forget to pack an umbrella.

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Still Not Convinced?

Maybe this big ol' list of features will help!

  • Packr is available on iPhone & iPad

  • 25+ activities and lists

  • Weather-driven packing list

  • Connects to TripIt

  • Ads-free

  • Available in 22 languages

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I use this app all the time! It’s pretty much creates my lists for me. The weather updates within the app, so I don’t have to take the time to go look it up on my own.
Was dreaming of making my own in google sheets when I found that it already existed. Worth every penny.
Very helpful, presets in checklists are accurate, it helps to coordinate with relatives or travel mates. Well done !!

Simple pricing

Purchase Packr Premium to support future updates


  • Unlimited trips
  • Unlimited packing items
  • No ads
  • Free forever
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Packr Premium *

$2.99 per month
  • Unlimited trips
  • Unlimited packing items
  • 10-day weather forecast
  • Customize lists and default items
  • Multi-destination trips
  • TripIt integration
  • And much more...
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